Estampa 2023

19 - 22 octubre 2023

WE COLLECT Gallery presents a group exhibition of new work by CB Hoyo, Nuria Mora, Pablo Merchante, Carla Fuentes, Pablo Linsambarth, Francesc Rosselló, K1WY, Jazmin Donaldson, Romain Blanck and Christoph Rymon at @estampacontemporaryartfair

X-Y-Z. Transgenerational dialogue

WE COLLECT proposes a very special project for this new edition of the ESTAMPA fair, “X-Z-Y. Generational Dialogue”, a complete transgenerational journey through a dialogue between 10 international artists who bring together the last three generations of the most contemporary Spanish and international art. Starting with X Generation, with Nuria Mora (Madrid, 1974) or Pablo Merchante (Huelva, 1981) as top representatives of this mid-career generation with a high institutional presence; followed by Y Generation or Millenial, the most active to date, represented by Christoph Rymon (Berlin, 1983), Jazmin Donaldson (Buenos Aires, 1985), Carla Fuentes (Valencia, 1986) and Pablo Lissambarth (Santiago de Chile, 1989); reaching the latest and youngest generation, which is beginning to make its way strongly into the current artistic panorama, Z Generation, with Francesc Roselló (Mallorca, 1994), CB Hoyo (Havana, 1995), Romain Blanck (Berlin, 1995 ) and K1WY (Lérida, 1998) as some of the youngest and most prominent names of this generation, which despite its youth already has a very high international presence and influence. Three different generations with three different ways of seeing the world but who share the same reality: today.