“Drivers for Future” MTArt Agency Group Show

“These artists raise awareness on the drivers that the new generations have identified as the cornerstones of a better future” Olimpia Saccone, the curator

WE COLLECT and MTArt Agency are delighted to present Drivers for Future, a group show curated by Olimpia Saccone featuring talents from the award winning visual artists’ agency. The exhibition aims to offer a perspective on the main timely fights that the new generations are standing for, the battles that will lead to a better future. The world as we know is going through transformations that have the power to refine and prepare a new ground for the next generations, a ground that has its foundations in a more conscious way of living and interacting with each other. The current sociopolitical circumstances show us governments rising walls, and racism, homophobia and gender discrimination are still overflowing the majority of the ruling countries, undermining and poisoning the birth of a more inclusive reality. Nevertheless, the youngest generations are demanding a deviation from this hostile path, challenging the status quo.

Through a heterogenous range of artistic practices, Drivers for Future invites the visitors to look at themselves in the displayed artworks, which function as mirrors that provoke us to reflect on the impact and contribution that we are giving to society. Now more than ever, contemporary artists have the chance to distance themselves from the “art for art’s sake” philosophy that is against any moral, political, or utilitarian function of art itself. This exhibitions on the contrary demonstrates that artists have the actual power and, therefore, the responsibility to become role models and to use their artistic voices to inspire society and as a force for good. The strong visions expressed by the works of Adelaide Damoah, Enam Gbewonyo, Elisa Insua, David Aiu Servan-Schreiber and Shuster + Moseley want to present to the visitors the embodiment of the zeitgeist of this new decade, in the hope of raise awareness on the drivers that the new generations have identified as the cornerstones of a better future.

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