Clara Cebrián “Made in China”

It is an exhibition of paintings.

China is a place that I did not know.

And unintentionally I ended up here.

I arrived here.

And I painted about something that I thought but forgot, when I went to BBVA and got lost along the way, I painted a salsa song about a girl that has no talent but it’s a good gal, the intercoms of other countries and the intercoms of Spain, a weekend restaurant with a large parking. There really exist infinite things to paint about.

I painted a lot. Now it seems to me that I paint as a joke. As if I were a kid playing to be an abstract painter.

I had never been to China. But I quickly realized that China had always been there. And you just have to aim to go to China. As a new year wish that you never fulfil. China is something like that.

I painted about all the things that I could remember and some hypothetical ones.

I thought that everything placed on the canvas was perfect to organize all the things that I had misplaced this year. But organizing is not easy. Because every day you want to store each thing in a different place. And you have to arrange everything once again. It also bothers me how little it take to disorganize in comparison to what it takes to organize.

Like Chinese cuisine. It has a lot of ingredients and it takes them a long time to prepare the dough, the filling, the sauce. But then it takes you a second to eat the dumpling. And it is gone. Same as organizing.

The text is as abstract as the painting. As my situation and as the exhibition.

It is abstract from afar, but more closely there are figures that you recognize.

Clara Cebrián (Madrid, 1991). BA in Design for Interactive and Moving Image at the London College of Communication and Wayra Boot-Camp Scholarship: Finance, business and Models of Growth at IE Madrid, Clara Cebrián combines in her work painting, drawing, animation and digital art, creating her own language and artistic expression. Her works reflect her own creative universe inspired in her day-to-day and in the most current formats, such as video art, GIFs, 2D animations, site-specific interventions, which are combined with more traditional languages such as textile design or ceramics. Intuitive, digital and a lover of color, she has done in just five years of her artistic career over twenty exhibitions, among which the following solo shows can be highlighted: “Muchas cosas muy importantes” (2019), Space 2b, Madrid; “Lenta, Despacio” (2018), Concept Store, Madrid; “Piedra, Papel, Madera” (2018), Proyecto H, Ciudad de Mexico; “Mi impresora esta rota” (2017), Slowtrack, Madrid; “Shark Attack” (2015), Hito, Mallorca; or “Toreros y cohetes” (2015), Slowtrack, Madrid. In addition, she has been selected for the program Swatch Creative Natives (2018), XXXXX, and for the Artist Residence Proyectote, in Ciudad de Mexico.

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